Breakfast on the run - sorted

Breakfast on the run - sorted

By now, most of us know that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day - but when you simply don’t have time in the morning isn’t it sometimes just easier to whip on out the door? 

Perhaps, but skipping breakfast often means reaching for unhealthy snacks mid-morning.  Filling up with the right foods first thing can not only keep your energy levels up, but keep you away from those sugary high carb treats as well.

We’ve put together our top four quick breakfast fixes, so that even when you’re on the go, you’ve got the boost you need to keep going.


Power packed smoothies

The beauty of a smoothie is that it can be whatever you want it to be.  Fruity?  Veges?  Sweet, or more savoury?  It’s up to you.  Bananas and yogurt make a great thick and creamy base, and then you can add whatever you feel like.  
You might like to add frozen berries for a sweeter touch, high in antioxidants, or go green by adding spinach or vegetables.  Try adding protein powder or peanut butter for an extra lift, especially if you’re planning to exercise. 
If you need more liquid, simply add milk, almond milk, water or for a creamier texture, more unsweetened yogurt, rather than juice which can be high in sugar.
Today’s smoothie blenders are extra quick to whizz up and easy to clean.  Get hold of a good portable smoothie jar, and enjoy your liquid breakfast on the go.
This super smoothie recipe uses low fat Greek yogurt and spinach, or give yourself a real kick with this blueberry power smoothie.


Portable breaky bowls

For a café-style breakfast on the go, breakfast bowls tick all the boxes.  Throw in a few frozen berries for year-round sweetness and goodness, a handful of nuts, toasted for some extra crunch and that lovely rich, nutty flavour, or some soaked chia seeds for an extra boost. 

Toasting the seeds and nuts a week ahead of time makes for super quick preparation, meaning you can make yourself a café style breakfast in less time than it takes to brush your teeth.

Layering your muesli, fruits and yogurt in a funky jar will make your colleagues at work wish they’d also had time to stop off at a café!

This delicious breakfast raspberry yogurt fool looks more like a dessert than a breakfast, but because it’s prepared ahead of time, it’s another great grab and go option.  These delicious layered parfaits are not only ideal for a transportable breakfast, they also make the perfect lunch box treat or a mid-afternoon pick me up.


Soak up the goodness

Bircher muesli doesn’t have to be one of those treats you only find on the breakfast menu on special occasions.  The secret is simply in the overnight soaking of rolled oats (packed full of fibre) or a muesli of your choice.

While many recipes call for juice to soak the muesli, try adding an unsweetened EasiYo yogurt instead for less sugar, more protein and that creamy texture.  Your favourite dried fruits or frozen berries can add natural sweetness, while coconut, grated apple or honey all bring different flavours and textures.  This delicious overnight oats recipe uses grated pear, or how about adding a little maple syrup for a decadent touch.


Meal in a muffin

With a little meal prep, our final fav also becomes the quickest of all– a meal in a little, handheld parcel.  Who says muffins are just for morning tea!  We think they are the perfect grab and go breakfast, packed full of goodness.

Try our banana muffin version for a fibre packed muffin, or this berry muffin recipe for a sweeter start to the day.  Both are also extra good served with a dollop of yogurt on the side.

Bake up a few different varieties, pop them in the freezer, and take out a different one each day.  They’ll last frozen for up to a month, and are great for the kids’ lunches too.

Whether you’ve got toddlers to run after, kids’ lunches to get ready, a morning walk to fit in, or a deadline calling at work, we’re pretty sure these simple, tasty ideas will help breakfast make it back onto your morning priority list.