Single use plastics - not so fantastic

Single use plastics - not so fantastic

Did you know that the world’s first fully synthetic plastic was invented in 1907 by American chemist Leo Baekeland? Quickly embraced for its huge range of uses, plastic surged in popularity. Waves of new innovations, like Tupperware in 1948, have kept plastics in our lives and our kitchens ever since.

But today there’s a huge push-back on plastic – especially the stuff that gets used once – and for good reason too. Plastic lasts for a reeeally long time, and as it breaks down it can harm oceans and marine life, as well as soil and drinking water.

It’s time to change. Thankfully, it’s easier than you might think to weed out the single use plastics hanging around your kitchen. Here are six simple things you can do right now for the good of your family and the planet.

Bulk food refills

With the environmental and financial benefits of bulk buying, what’s not to love! Take in your reusable containers and replenish your cupboards. Jam, pasta sauce and other everyday jars make ideal storage containers and looks super stylish in your kitchen too.


Beeswax covers

It’s all too easy to wrap leftovers and lunches in plastic clingfilm, but did you know that reusable beeswax cloth covers do the same job? Making your own is easy and fun. All you need is some beeswax, funky fabrics and simple instructions to follow. The kids will love helping and taking their sandwiches, baking or fruit to school in beautiful, planet-friendly wraps.


Material bags

Don’t leave home without them! Yes, it’s taking us all a bit of time to get into the habit, but it’s worth it. Taking your own bags to the shops means no more paying for them at the checkout – and helps the environment too. With a wide range of cotton mesh and calico bags now available, they’re great for carting goods (and make gorgeous gifts too).


Storing freezer food

Nothing beats coming home from a busy day to yummy leftovers from the freezer. Reusable plastic containers might be your go-to, but you also can freeze food in thick, tempered freezer safe jars or even waxed milk or juice cartons. Just remember to pop on a lid and allow a little space at the top for expansion.


Silicone pouches

Silicone storage pouches are durable and endlessly reusable. They also last longer and can handle heat and cold better than plastics. With their ziplock seals, they’re ideal for soups, sauces, dressings, yogurt and small fruits too.


Go totally packaging free!

Plenty of fruits and veges are pre-packaged by nature! Apples, peaches, bananas and tomatoes – they’re all great on their own. Just whip one out when you’re on the go and enjoy your favourite fresh snacks year-round.


Make your plastic last

At EasiYo, we’re huge fans of the reuse ethos. Our little lunchtaker jars and squeezy pouches mean you can easily transport your EasiYo yogurt plus they have the added benefit of being reusable, too! Simply pop them in the dishwasher and you’re good to go, again and again and again! Oh and did you know you can freeze them too? Perfect for keeping them cool til lunch.

About our sachets…

While we’re really proud that our reusable jars and pouches reduce the need for single use plastic pots, we do have a dilemma with our sachets. Unfortunately, our sachets are not recyclable or compostable – yet. That’s because in order to keep our cultures alive, our sachets need to have very robust oxygen and water barrier properties and at the moment there is no suitable sustainable packaging solution that meets this need. We continually scour our options and hope to solve this issue in the future. It’s important to you, and it’s important to us too.