Time for you – it’s good for everyone

Time for you – it’s good for everyone


When life gets busy, days disappear fast. Many of us tend to measure success by our work accomplishments or our ability to support and provide for others. Racing from one thing to another can all too often end up being glorified as meaningful productivity, taking over the small moments of calm that provide space for personal growth.

Choosing to carve out pockets of solitude – which can be as simple as taking ten minutes to enjoy a homemade yogurt smoothie in a quiet kitchen – is not only important for your own wellbeing; it actually makes you better able to give back to the people around you.

Here, we’ve collected our favourite three tips to help you make time for yourself.


1. Take a step back

First things first – take a moment to evaluate how you currently spend your time. What takes most of your energy? What feels downright unnecessary? Small changes can make a world of difference and asking for help is okay. If you can delegate small tasks to your children it’s worth it (even if they can’t do things as efficiently as you could).

Next, make a wish list of things that make you feel centred and relaxed. It could be anything from reading a chapter of your book during the day to fifteen minutes of meditation. Writing down the things you’d like to spend more time on will help you clarify what’s important.


2. Shake up your routine

It doesn’t take much to spark meaningful change. Think about the distractions you can eliminate to help you create more space in your week. This could be as straightforward as shutting the door if you’re working, turning notifications off on your phone, or deciding to spend a concentrated hour on something rather than returning to it throughout the day.

Sorting out the messy parts of life (we’re looking at you, filing) will mean you can ultimately spend less time wading through photos and documents to find what you need. Another simple trick to free up some time is doing your grocery shop online – once you try it you won’t go back!


3. Nurture healthy habits

When we’re time-poor, it’s easy to compromise the little things that help us stay well. But of course, those same small details have a significant impact on our overall sense of balance and wellbeing. So when you’re in a rush and cutting corners, don’t let it be your personal habits that suffer. Prioritise your own health. Eat good gut foods like yogurt and healthy greens, go to bed a little earlier, or have a cup of tea on your own while the kids watch tv (it’s allowed!)

Above all, be clear and unapologetic about your needs. Help your family and friends to understand why time for yourself is important, and encourage them to reflect on themselves in the same way. And remember – by challenging yourself to seek balance, you’ll ultimately feel more refreshed and willing to jump in when others need you. Time for you is good everyone.