Yogurt: Your breakfast superhero

Yogurt: Your breakfast superhero

Breakfast may not be your biggest meal of the day, but it’s definitely the most important. Not only does it fuel you with energy, what you eat for breakfast can really set the scene for the day ahead. Reaching for carbs as you dash out the door? Brace yourself for a day of high stress and distracted grazing. Taking time to enjoy a mindful and nutritious meal? You’ll have a better chance of keeping your wellbeing front of mind for the rest of your day.


For fresh and beautiful breakfasts, yogurt truly is a “superhero” ingredient like no other. Delicious as part of warm or cold breakfasts, filled with billions of cultures in every serve and available in a huge array of flavours, EasiYo homemade yogurt can be part of your breakfast literally every day – and with so many serving possibilities it’s a new meal each time.


Remember, your imagination is your most useful tool in the kitchen (especially with such a versatile food!) Why not get creative and try something new for breakfast? Treating yourself to a café-style creation by layering yogurt and fruit with toasted quinoa, seeds or nuts, topped with a drizzle of honey. Or for a super simple option, add yogurt to porridge for a fruity, creamy flavour hit your kids will love.


With almost a dozen breakfast ideas in our recipes section, there’s plenty to get you inspired. From simple to exotic, fun to fast, warm to chilled these beautiful yogurty breakfasts will get the whole family up and going.


Here are three of our favourites – what are yours?


Museli soaked the night before combined with fruit, EasiYo yogurt and a swirl of maple syrup… a simple recipe for a magical morning meal.


Prepare the elements of this creamy, crunchy, berry combination in advance, and you’ll be all set to whip up a special breakfast in no time at all.


This unique and surprisingly simple to make spread has a rich, creamy texture similar to whipped cream cheese.  Enjoy it savoury or sweet with toasted bagels or scones.  Ideal for impressing your brunch guests!