• feel good about 40% less sugar

Try our new Reduced Sugar* Range.

The same EasiYo goodness, just with 40% less sugar*.

Fresh live cultures

Live cultures are only activated once you make it yourself - this means they are as fresh as they can be.

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No preservatives

Chilled yogurts are filled with unwanted nasties - because they have to be able to last on the shelf. Since EasiYo is as fresh as it can be, there is no need for preservatives.

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Knowing exactly what goes in

Homemade EasiYo Yogurt only uses real cows milk powder, dormant GOOD gut bacteria and water.

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  • It's easy to feel the benefits of homemade

    Feel good about making your own delicious yogurt at home.

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Making EasiYo is as easy one, two, three…