Blueberry Bubble Tea

Blueberry Bubble Tea

Our sweet and creamy bubble tea is a perfect homemade treat for when you’re feeling a little trendy. Try it with EasiYo Greek Style Blueberry Yogurt or get creative with our other delicious flavours!



  • 1 fruit flavoured blueberry tea bag (can sub with green tea)
  • ¼ cup boba tapioca pearls
  • 1 Tbsp honey
  • ½ cup milk
  • ½ cup of EasiYo Greek Style Blueberry yogurt


  1. Prepare the tea by steeping tea bag in a cup of boiling water for 5 minutes. Discard the tea bag and set tea aside to cool.
  2. On the stove top, bring a medium pot of water to the boil and add tapioca pearls. These will sink and then rise to the surface of the water. Reduce the heat and simmer for about 25 minutes, stirring occasionally so they don’t stick.
  3. Remove from the heat and allow tapioca pearls to sit covered for another 15 minutes. Run the tapioca under cold water, drain and then coat with honey.
  4. Whisk together tea, milk and yogurt and blend until smooth.
  5. Divide tapioca pearls between two glasses and pour over blended tea. Serve immediately.

Note: You may substitute with any fruit flavour. Try EasiYo Greek Style Passionfruit or  Strawberry paired with matching teas.